IMG_2991*My ten year old writes random stories ALL THE TIME! I really can’t keep up and often find myself skimming another novel, but this one caught my eye. It was written for an assignment in school. The task was to write about her dreams for America like Martin Luther King Jr did. I didn’t edit because it’s more authentically hers as a fifth grader!

My Dreams For My World

By MaryAlice Moore

Martin Luther King Jr had dreams for the world of things that should change, so he decided to share these things with anyone who would listen so that he could finally set things right. And what he did changed the world for the better. Martin Luther King Jr inspired me, so I’ve decided that I’m going to share my dreams with anyone who will read this essay. My dream for the world is that people would start realizing all of the orphans, abortion, and hungry children that starve every minute.


I do realize most of the ones who see this, do help, but it’s still not enough. They help people in other countries, which is good. I’m very glad, but why can’t we help American as well? When people see orphans, they always want a baby or a little kid, well what about the older ones? What’s going to happen to them? People say “I’m not ready to have a child, maybe I should start with a dog first?” But what I’m realizing is that those people don’t always go back for that child, and they end up getting more dogs, cats, and a lot more animals. Most people donate to animal shelters instead of donating to hungry children. Most people don’t realize the deaths of all of these children, and they think the world is a perfectly happy place, but that’s not true. Those children might not go to heaven. God wants us to tell others about Jesus, especially children that probably have no idea who God is.


Children are dying faster from hunger and something else that we have more control over; abortion… yeah, abortion. This kind of thing is the worst though. People go through the whole pregnancy process, and when they’re getting ready to have the baby, the doctors say their baby might have problems, and instead of just dealing with that, they kill their baby. I have a special needs sister, she might be annoying sometimes, but I still love her.


Sometimes people say abortion is “women’s rights”. That is so annoying to hear! Oh, and by the way, the baby is still alive when they do that. So Ruth Bader Ginsburg is basically saying that killing a baby is a women’s rights. I guess it is just my opinion, but Ruth Bader Ginsburg is very, very stupid. She should not be famous. And whoever made that movie about her is stupid too, as well as the movie theatres that make people pay to watch it. Let me just say that I’m not going to pay to watch that horrendous unspeakable nonsense!


According to all smart people, if Martin Luther King Jr. had known about abortion, he would’ve fought against it too. Martin Luther King Jr. fought for all African Americans to live in equality with all Americans. He did not fight for could’ve-been African Americans to live in equality with could’ve been friends that all died because of abortion. So if you ever think of doing that, remember that doing it is a disgrace to Martin Luther King Jr. And if you don’t care about Martin Luther King Jr. then I would like them to know that mostly every single person that has ever had an abortion, regrets it horribly. People shouldn’t make themselves live with that guilt.


And if you’re a Christian doing this, then remember the ten commandments. Do you remember the one that says, “Do not kill?” Well, abortion makes everyone break that law. And don’t you dare say that it’s hard t not break the commandments, because it may be hard not to break some, but surely you shouldn’t have to break that law.


In conclusion, Martin Luther King Jr. did supercalifragilisticexpialidocious things that inspire me. What is your dream for the world?

*She’s one of a kind and evidently listens far more than I realized!!!